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Dark Skies and Street Lights


CPRE is a leading voice in the campaign against excessive light pollution caused by streetlights, flood lights and security lighting, making our starry skies ever harder to find.

Light at night can disrupt natural patterns of behaviour in both humans and wildlife, having a negative impact on our wellbeing and the natural world around us.

We have a fantastic article about street lighting from leading lighting engineer Dan Lister and a story about stargazing in our Winter 2020 issue of our Ways of Seeing magazine.

Star Count 2022 results

Your chances of enjoying our beautiful night sky are improving! The results from CPRE’s 2022 Star Count found star gazers are enjoying their best views of the night sky since the annual Star Count began in 2011.

The results suggest severe light pollution is continuing to fall since its 2020 peak.

We suspect that working from home – and, sadly, current concerns over soaring energy bills appear to have produced a ‘lockdown legacy’ – resulting in a clearer view of the stars.

Nationally, more than 2,500 people took part in CPREs annual Star Count, the country’s biggest citizen science project of its kind, between 26 February and 6 March this year. We asked you to report the number of stars you could see in the Orion constellation – the one with the three stars in a line.

You can find out more about the 2022 Star Count and explore the Star Count 2022 map by clicking the button


Read more about Star Count 2022 results and view map

The Campaign for Amber Street Lights

The campaign started life in West Yorkshire. A couple of years ago, we talked to Peter Jones, who was concerned about the impact of new street lighting in his area. Peter has since spearheaded the campaign and has been documenting ongoing research into the impacts of blue-white LED street lighting. CASL is building a membership with a view to submitting petitions for change at local and national levels. The campaign would like to hear stories from other people concerned about their local street lighting and is asking people to approach their councillors and MPs for support in making a change.

Find out more about the Campaign for Amber Street Lights
West Yorkshire Astronomical Society

West Yorkshire Astronomical Society (WYAS)

The WYAS run fantastic talks and events for adults and young astronomers.

Take a look at their website to find out more. They are based at The Rosse Observatory near Pontefract.


West Yorkshire Astronomical Society