Dark Skies and Street Lights

CPRE is a leading voice in the campaign against excessive light pollution caused by streetlights, flood lights and security lighting, making our starry skies ever harder to find. Light at night can disrupt natural patterns of behaviour in both humans and wildlife, having a negative impact on our wellbeing and the natural world around us.

We have a fantastic article about street lighting from leading lighting engineer Dan Lister and a story about stargazing in our Winter 2020 issue of our Ways of Seeing magazine.

West Yorkshire Astronomical Society

West Yorkshire Astronomical Society (WYAS)

The WYAS run fantastic talks and events for adults and young astronomers.

Take a look at their website to find out more. They are based at The Rosse Observatory near Pontefract.


West Yorkshire Astronomical Society
Dark Sky

Star Count 2020

We’re counting the stars this February in West Yorkshire as part of the national CPRE Star Count campaign – and we need your help. A star-filled sky is one of the most incredible sights our countryside offers, and on a dark clear night, we should be able to see thousands of stars.

We are asking you to look up at the sky between 21-28 February and tell us how many stars you can see with the naked eye within the constellation of Orion. Don’t worry – you don’t need a telescope or any special equipment.

You’ll help us create a map of the best spots to see the stars, and where light pollution is most serious, so we can work with local councils and others to take action to reduce it. Will you get stargazing?

Find out more about Star Count 2020
Ilkley from White Wells