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Welcome to CPRE West Yorkshire

New Project 2018 / 2019

Ways of Seeing
New Ways of Seeing West Yorkshire's Countryside

We’re asking our members, friends and supporters to help, by telling us about things they know and care about that we can add to that shared understanding of ‘value’. We are creating a map of our ‘cultural landscapes’ to record experiences of, and interests in, the West Yorkshire countryside. This valuable information, often unheard or unrecorded, can be gathered together as data to use in the defence and enhancement of our countryside.

It might be a walking route that you enjoy, a building that fascinates you, something about your cycling or birdwatching club, your favourite pub. Anything that tells a story about how you value the West Yorkshire countryside. If the thing you love is also under threat, we’d like to hear about that, too.

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