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Congratulations to the residents of Scholes!

17/08451: Land off Rakehill Road, Scholes, Leeds

Back in December 2017 an outline application was submitted by Barratt David Wilson Homes for the residential development of circa 300 dwellings, GP practice, pharmacy, A1 convenience store, public greenspaces, associated works, vehicular access, pedestrian/cycle and emergency vehicle link at Land off Rakehill Road, in the small settlement of Scholes.

This site was carried forward as a safeguarded site from the Unitary Development Plan Framework (UDPR) to the draft Site Allocations plan for Leeds City Council new plan period. The SAP site assessment concluded:

“The site is not required to meet the overall housing requirement over the plan period. There are other more suitable alternative sites preferred for allocation. In particular the site would represent a large extension to the small settlement of Scholes. The site contributes to a reserve of land with potential for longer term development and should therefore be retained as Safeguarded Land.”

There was a delay by Leeds City Council in determining the application therefore the developer, Barratt David Wilson Homes (Yorkshire West) and Scholes Development Company Ltd., appealed against non-determination of the application within the statutory timeframe.

Scholes Community Forum raised support for its cause and started a campaign to ‘Save Our Scholes’. They asked Mr George Hall to represent them at the appeal. Mr Hall put forward their concerns about highway and traffic safety at the appeal hearing, held over eight days in December 2018. Residents of Scholes were also at the hearing to support Mr Hall and highlight their objection to the proposal.

We are thrilled to announce that on the 11th February 2019 after a long process and tireless work by the Scholes Community Forum and Mr Hall, the appeal was dismissed and planning permission refused by the planning inspector.

The inspector concluded that ‘the development would result in an unacceptable highway safety issue […] in conflict with the Framework, Policy T2 of the CS and Policy GP5 of the UDPR’.

CPRE WY take this opportunity to congratulate the residents of Scholes for their tireless campaigning, their determination, and their fantastic attitudes in the face of a challenge, and on their success in their fight to ‘Save our Scholes’.

Congratulations to all involved: the Community of Scholes, Mr George Hall and Leeds City Council. A win for a plan led approach to development!