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Farming and Food

With farmland making up two-thirds of our countryside, farming is responsible for so much more than the food we eat. We need to support farming that puts back habitats for wildlife, provides fresh air and clean water, stores carbon and looks after the landscapes that make our countryside so special.

Understanding where our food comes from is really important. During the Covid-19 Lockdown, many people spent time exploring the garden, learning to plant seeds and grow vegetables. It bought into focus the importance of sustainable food, and food provision. Local producers stepped up to help out with deliveries and farm shops, and communities shared resources with each other. At a time of ‘staying apart’, food helped bring people together. We love how food growing has the power to enhance a sense of community.

Growing food as a ground roots way to connect with your community has really taken off in recent years. Shared spaces for food growing are in demand. We aim to highlight opportunities to enhance our shared green spaces, in urban and rural environments, for the benefit of everyone.

CPRE West Yorkshire are keen to champion better ways to connect with food growing, at an individual, community and industry level. Helping people to connect with the land and the landscape around them.

Our Ways of Seeing Magazines share some fantastic stories about food and farming across West Yorkshire.