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Our Vision

Unlike many environmental charities, CPRE has no vested interests – we own no land, rely solely on donations and grants, and are politically independent.

We want to see a protected countryside, but within the context of a healthier economy and a happier community, and we don’t think they are mutually exclusive. CPRE believes that people have the right to enjoy a protected countryside, and we have the ambition to make it happen.

The CPRE Vision pictures a countryside in 2026 that is used and valued by all as a national asset, helping create a healthier, less stressed nation where people are in tune with the environment and aware of their impact on it. This vision includes:

  • Better planning to ensure we reinvigorate towns and cities.
  • New life in the countryside empowered rural communities themselves.
    Protecting local food sources.
  • Enhancing our landscapes allowing nature to become a barrier to climate change.
  • Green energy working in harmony with the landscape.
  • Changing attitudes and helping people to value the beauty, tranquillity, green spaces and local distinctiveness of the countryside and making quality of life and well-being as important as financial prosperity and economic growth.
cpre our vision