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Comment On A Planning Application

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Planning applications: Photo © ollie weait / Alamy

Commenting on planning applications is your chance to press for planning decisions that are positive for your community, and your environment.

Development does not just happen. Most significant types of development require planning permission before they can take place. Permission is usually sought by submitting a planning application to the local planning authority. In West Yorkshire these are the Metropolitan Councils.

The local planning authority will determine the application in consultation with relevant public bodies and authorities (for example the Environment Agency and the local highways authority) as well as the local community, community groups and local businesses.

In order to ensure that the detailed knowledge held by local people is considered during the decision making process, it is vital that members of the public make comments on proposals in their communities. And with almost all planning applications online, it is easy to view plans and comment from the comfort of your own home.

To help individuals, community groups and Parish Councils comment effectively on planning applications, CPRE have co-produced a simple step by step guide: How to respond to planning applications: an 8-step guide, which you can view / download by clicking the image.

CPRE West Yorkshire objects to planning applications for inappropriate development in the county where our limited resources allow. Although we are unfortunately unable to assess and comment on all potentially negative applications, we are willing to support our members in their efforts by submitting their comments as the views of the branch, so long as they accord with our aims and objectives. If CPRE members wish the branch ‘adopt’ their comments please contact Michael Church.