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Training Modules

Climate Strike, Leeds, 2019
Climate Strike, Leeds, 2019

We have been busily adapting our training packages to be provided online.

The general format for each module will be:

  • 1 to 1.5 hour introductory Zoom session with worked examples
  • Small group breakout/homework on case studies, with tutor support
  • Second 1 to 1.5 hour Zoom session to discuss case studies

You should expect to complete the module over a one to two-week period.

Foundation Module

  • How does the planning system work?
  • Why and how do we influence it?
  • The route to a planning decision
  • Looking for clues – how to respond to a planning application

Advanced Modules

  • Planning as a Campaign Toolkit – how to set priorities and achieve change
  • The Development Plan – how to use it and how to influence it
  • National Policies & Guidance and how to use them

Specialist Modules

The full menu of specialist content is still being developed, but will include:

Green Belt, housing land supply, Planning Appeal coaching, Neighbourhood Planning.

Please ask if there is a specialist topic that you would welcome training in. Please also note the specialist modules may take longer to complete.

For further information or an informal chat about what we can offer, please contact

Ilkley from White Wells