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CPRE Community Training in Planning & Campaigning

The planning system can be daunting and can seem like a moving target, as government regularly announce reforms. Sometimes it may also seem as if the language and processes are deliberately shrouded in mystery.

Our planning skills training will help you to make sense of the planning system and how to use it. We offer a foundation level course that is suitable for anyone who is interested in understanding and influencing planning. We also offer advanced modules on influencing Local Plans and planning applications, including appearing at Public Examinations and Inquiries; and in-detail sessions, for example on Green Belt, housing numbers, Neighbourhood Plans. The advanced modules are aimed at people who are preparing to get more heavily involved in representing their community in the planning process.

We run a range of planning training modules, for those just getting started, to those with specialist interests.

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CPRE is able to cover half of the total cost of providing this training. This means we can give you professional training at a heavily discounted price. We have re-calculated the costs, having moved the courses online, and we are now asking participants to contribute via donation or by joining CPRE. If you pay tax then you can also Gift Aid your donation.

For each module we ask for a suggested minimum donation to CPRE of £30 per participant.

Membership of CPRE costs from £3 per month for an individual or £5 per month for a household.

However, it is important to us that anyone can access the training, so if you feel you cannot afford the suggested donation, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

For further information or an informal chat about what we can offer, please contact

Individual membership from £3 /month Join us now
Household membership from £5 /month Join us now
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